quote Cotton Washcloth Pattern

Recently I posted a photo on Instagram of a washcloth I was making and a few people asked me for the pattern. It’s very simple and can be worked up extremely quickly.

For this I used Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran (Blush) and a 5mm hook.

Please note this is written in UK terms.

🔸 Chain (ch) 35 🔸

🔸 Row 1 🔸 Insert hook into second ch from hook 🔸 Double Crochet (dc) until the end of row (pic 1)🔸Ch 1🔸Turn🔸

🔸 Row 2🔹Dc into next stitch (pic 2)🔸Dc into back loop of next stitch (pic 3)🔹Repeat until end🔸Ch 1🔸Turn🔸

🔸 Repeat rows 1 and 2 until your work is a square. For me this took 36 rows but this will depend on the yarn, hook size and tension used.

Ta dah, easy huh!?



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