quote It’s been a while, sorry! 

Crochet begrudgingly took a bit of a back seat during July due to work and holidays. However, there is nothing better than some beautiful new yarn to get me motivated (even if I do have way too many projects on the go).

I was lucky enough to win some yarn on an IG giveaway by the beautiful @Florafairweather and @Crochyayboxes. The yarn is by IG’er @amillionthingstodo and is a rainbow of 4ply cotton/acrylic. It is not yarn I would normally buy due to its weight (I usually go for DK), however it was perfect for a filet blanket I’ve had in my head for a while.

I’m totally hooked on this project and I’m not sure I’ve ever worked through one so quickly. A slight colour change comes roughly every 7 rows and I’m always desperate to see how it looks which keeps me going. It’s been beautifully gradual with a sudden change to green which I’m a little disappointed with but all in all its creating something lovely and for the first time in ages I’m not having to change yarn continuously for colour changes which is quite nice.

I guessed at how large to make this blanket as I wanted to use the whole ball so I guess I’ll be playing yarn chicken in the end… watch this space!




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