quote Elf on the shelf

This last month I have been working on this wee fella after being asked if I could make one for our nephew. I actually couldn’t find many patterns I liked and amigurumi isn’t something I feel I have the knowledge in, so I didn’t want to design my own. I bought this pattern from Etsy by FantasticStitch and made a few small changes to his face and added a button as a belt buckle.

I also decided he needed some hair so used a tutorial by Heart and Sew from her elf pattern which I found on Pinterest and likely would have made had I found it first as it is really sweet. The hair really makes a difference and gives him a little more character. As a final touch I added a bell to the hat to make him even more festive!

Amigurumi isn’t something I do very often so I won’t lie, this got me pretty stressed out at times and I swore this was going to be one off. However, he is pretty special and Mr D is hinting heavily at making one for us, so I think I may have to as I’m going to miss this little  guy when he goes to his new home!



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