Jar Cosy

This jar cosy is so easy to make and could easily adapted to other sized jars. The jar I’ve used is a small Douwe Egberts coffee jar.


🔸Small jar (7.5cm x 8cm)
🔸DMC Natura
🔸4mm hook


Please note I use UK crochet terms



1) Using a magic ring, ch 2🔸 13 tr into ring 🔸Pull tail and ss into the top of the starting 2 chains 🔸 (14)

2) Ch 2 🔸 2 tr into each chain of previous round 🔸ss into the top of starting 2 tr 🔸(28)

3) ch 2 🔸 In next ch, 2 tr 🔸in next ch, tr 1 🔸 continue this pattern of 2,1,2,1 etc around to the start 🔸 ss into the top of first tr🔸 (41)

🔸For a larger jar continue increasing in rounds and end in an odd number for next round🔸

4) ch 1 🔸 Dc into each ch using the back loops 🔸ss into the top of first tr 🔸(41)

5) ch 3 🔸Miss one ch and tr into the second ch 🔸 ch 1 🔸 miss another ch and tr into the next 🔸 continue this pattern until reaching the start of the round and ss into top of first 2 ch 🔸

6) ss into the chain space to the left (this will stagger the tr’s) 🔸ch 3 🔸 tr into next ch space 🔸 continue the same sequence as previous round 🔸 ss into top of first 2 ch 🔸

7) Continue to repeat round 6 until you reach almost the top of your jar (this jar uses 6 rows)🔸ss into first stitch 🔸cut yarn and pull through to finish 🔸

Finish your jar by weaving ribbon through the stitches on the final row.

Ta dah!!!